Let's Pull Together

Alfred Johnson is an author, speaker and C.E.O. and founder of Faith Action Ministry Alliance, Inc. Having pastored in low income communities for nearly two decades, Mr. Johnson has acquired valuable experience and insight into bridging social gaps through the power of relationships and alliances. The methodology developed by Mr. Johnson is becoming a model for organizations throughout the state of Florida who are Kingdom minded and prepared to cooperate for the healing of hurting communities. Impact of Tampa Bay, New Life Solutions, Amazing Love Outreach and Heaven Sent Construction, L.L.C., are among many for profit and not for profit organizations that have linked to advance God’s Kingdom through the collective impact of the Faith Action Ministry Alliance.

A Little More...

ALFRED JOHNSON-Full Bio About the Author….. ALFRED JOHNSON is husband to his high school sweetheart Donna. They have been married for 33 years and have six children together. Alfred is an author, consultant, speaker, and founder of Faith Action Ministry Alliance, Inc. (FAMA). In the years preceding the establishment of FAMA, Alfred Johnson served as senior pastor of a local ministry located in Tampa, Florida, the city of his birth. His nearly two decades of pastoral experience and local missions have armed Alfred with an immense array of practical tools for engaging whole neighborhoods. He has shaped conversations surrounding the advancement of the Kingdom of God by introducing to it an intelligent mix of grassroots activity and strategic alliances. Alfred’s model utilizes a neighborhood’s interests for economic development, educational improvements, youth and adult mentoring, neighborhood security and the like for creating community wide platforms for introducing the Kingdom of God, job training and conservative values. Organizations, for profit and not for profit, take part in the effort by sharing their skills, training and resources with the community through the Alliance. As an insightful strategist Mr. Johnson has brought inspiration and hope to leaders who were at wits end about how to integrate their organization’s influence into the ordinary life of the neighborhood. There is no doubt that a major demand exists for acquiring practical solutions to the social divides and various needs of our communities. Mr. Johnson’s model, including the collaborative efforts of loving and skilled servants of Christ, promises to help fill this demand. He is one of few Kingdom oriented servants to effectively unite diverse denominational churches and businesses for the sole purpose of spiritual, social, and cultural renewal in a neighborhood

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