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How to Build an Alliance

Private Education

Reaching the Neighborhood

A Little About Alfred....

Alfred Johnson is an author, speaker and C.E.O. and founder of Faith Action Ministry Alliance, Inc. Having pastored in low income communities for nearly two decades, Mr. Johnson has acquired valuable experience and insight into bridging social gaps through the power of relationships and alliances.

At the end of Alfred Johnson’s speaking and training, you can expect your staff and members to acquire:

  • An understanding of the practical role they play in transforming your community
  • A greater sense of the partnership between community church
  • A fresh perspective into local missions for needy neighbors
  • A greater awareness of the valuable tools that each member possesses for advancing God’s Kingdom in a cross cultural context
  • Wisdom for building effective alliances
  • Wisdom for gathering support and grooming champions for your cause.

Questions to think about?

  • Could your team use more strategies on reaching the local neighborhood?
  • Are you a leader trying to start a private school in the low income community and need help?
  • Are you in need of pastoral or leadership consultation?
  • Are you a business needing to link with your community?

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Creating practical bridges of relationship within the local community


Passion, commitment and longevity

Leadership Development

Learn the characteristics and true qualities of leadership

Private Education

Learn how to set up and establish a private school in the low income community

Reaching the low income Community

building the bridge between conservatism and the low income community


Building the bridge between conservatism and the low income community

change in the community

Regard-less of the industry or church denomination Alfred is able to conduct customized training and keynote presentations that are geared to establishing influential presence in neighborhoods.

I heard about FAMA when I first met Pastor Johnson and I can say that I have been truly blessed by FAMA! I can honestly say if it wasn't for FAMA there wouldn't be a Networking for Life Ministry!
R. Hobbs
Networking for life

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